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Since the birth of smartphones, life has been very exciting and exciting, now that you can do whatever you want with it. Use your phone as a portable camera to freely take pictures and videos wherever you go. Also use video clips for your clips, Photoshop materials, and video making. Every moment of life can be recorded and arranged the way you want.
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1 Jan, 2021
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KineMaster Mod APK is an excellent video editing app for Android users to edit videos at a professional level. These days YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. are moving fast in the video industry. So the KineMaster Mod APK is the best for editing your videos. The free version has Watermarks not all advanced features available But we offer the FREE Premium version. So, here we give you a KineMaster Pro APK FREE !!

Kinemaster Mod APK

Now, if you want to download the latest version of KineMaster Pro Apk, then you are in the right place. The free version of KineMaster Mod APK has many problems like Watermark, Premium features not available and more. But the Premium KineMaster Mod Apk is suitable for YouTubers, TikTokers, Instagram Influencers and has features such as Chroma Key, 3-D effects, Multi Layer Layout, Custom Watermark, etc. So, Download Now KineMaster Pro Now

It is one of the most popular features of this app. Chroma key is used to change the background of the video. It is a very advanced feature, usually, this advanced feature is available in PC Softwares. By using the green screen on the video you can change the background of your video in any way you want. Marvel Movies uses this method to edit a movie, making your video look more efficient by changing the background. This feature is very useful for shooting professional youtube videos so you can easily remove the background from your videos and you can convert them.To make your video more attractive it needs to add animation effects. So there are many animation effects available in KineMaster Pro APK to use images in the middle of the video. You will find many animation effects in KineMaster Mod APK store, you can use these images when editing video and make video stuff for you to enjoy. Video animation is a common feature of PC software. But kinemaster offers these great features to you. Also, you can download many results from the store.You can add as many layers to the video as you can to add images, sound, gif, images, overlay, animation, etc. At the same time. Adding too many layers makes your video even more intimidating because you can add many things at once. You can also adjust the settings for all layers such as size, time, etc. Many edits give you the freedom to attach files to a video and you can display them on the screen as easily as you can add photos, and you can add videos to the video.
KineMaster Pro gives you some great features called Live Preview that allow you to watch your videos while you edit so you can easily watch what’s happening to the edited video. You can easily edit and click on “Live Preview” where you will be able to see the edited video LIVE on the screen.

This feature is amazing, you can add up to 8 tracks at a time to video using a multi-track feature. You will get a studio-like feel while editing a video. Combine tracks and you can make amazing melodies and melodies. This feature gives you an amazing place to make music videos, you will feel like a studio and add tracks and you can edit them together.Now you don’t need to record audio separately, KineMaster offers you to add voice-over from the app itself. Just record the word and apply it to the video. It is very difficult to record a sound clip separately and paste it into the video SO, KineMaster Mod APK gives you this audio recording feature in the app itself. That’s all !!
APK NameKineMaster Mod APK
Version4.16 [Latest Version]
Android Required4.1+
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Last Updated1 Jan, 2021
APK TypeKineMaster Pro APK [Unlocked 2021]

What’s up?

First of all, KineMaster comes with a powerful video editing program with full features for Android users. That said, you can easily use its editing options to create amazing videos in very simple ways.

The app allows users to use their powerful smartphone hardware by providing an editing interface, which includes a variety of in-app options that you can use. Feel free to edit your videos in multiple layers, choose between different mixing modes, adjust voiceovers, adjust speed, create transitions, and more.

With it, you can turn your Smartphones into end-to-end video making devices. Become a great content creator by recording and editing your videos. Enjoy a fully immersive experience with your smartphone by introducing the ultimate editor to your mobile devices. Capture, edit, and create great videos without any of your calls.


As a smartphone video editor, the app does not meet certain requirements. Users are free to use KineMaster Mod APK on their mobile devices to edit videos and clips with minimal limitations. However, you should keep in mind that editing videos will require your devices to have running hardware. And most importantly, devices with multi-core processors will work better for the job.

Therefore, you may want to consider your device’s capabilities before editing certain videos, as adding more effects and customization can put a lot of pressure on your phones.

Awesome features

Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Visual integration with multi-layer layout
First of all, you are now able to edit your videos in multiple layers, allowing users to effectively use available customization. Accurate communication methods make it much easier for you to edit your edits and make changes to videos. Feel free to add photos, stickers, special effects, text, handwriting, and more. Preview videos as soon as you add to your changes to get a complete view of the final products. View full videos and edited content just by looking at the interface. Decide and make your changes easily whenever you want.

Back up your videos to create different settings
And to make your videos more fun, Android users are also allowed to make simple changes to their settings by completely changing the videos and all their content. This includes all the available editing you have done, therefore, making videos more fun and enjoyable to watch. Now you can flip or modify your old videos and add more interesting things to them.

Use interactive methods to create better results
As you enter the world of making video in KineMaster Mod APK, the app also offers a variety of ways to connect and filters that you can use. Feel free to use the mixing options available to create beautiful, stunning, and beautiful effects on your videos. And at the same time, completely change the way your videos look and feel with the available color filters. Make your video stand out and at the same time.

Multiple audio adjustments to your videos
Along with the visual visualization available, the app comes with many audio variations that you can have on your videos. This includes voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sounds, which can allow you to make complete changes to videos. Feel free to add customization and adjustment to your videos as you try to change their audio. Try different settings to change your total appearance.

Useful editing tools for your videos
And at the same time, you can now use intuitive and useful editing tools for your devices, which can allow for effective use of the video editor. That being said, here, you can easily edit your videos by cutting, trimming, and cutting certain parts of the videos. Make various adjustments for each video category as you wish.

Customize your videos and enjoy easy editing with KineMaster Mod Apk. And combined with precise touch controls, you’ll find the game running more efficiently and easily than on PC.

Large library of editing materials
And of course, to help you edit videos, the app also offers a large collection of various editing tools. Here, you can use available music, clip art, fonts, stickers, transition effects, and many other features in the app. Feel free to change the way your videos look and feel about the editing features available. And keep an eye out for new updates with each KineMaster Mod Apk.

Adjust the speed of your videos
As you get into the editing process of the app and using its features, you can also make changes to frame speed for each segment of videos. Therefore, enabling various changes with the speed control of the effects of time passing or slowing down. Therefore, it is possible to create beautiful video clips with KineMaster Mod APK. This is where real art is made.

Control audio with precise EQ settings
For those of you who are interested, the app will allow you to make detailed changes to the sound with intuitive EQ settings. That said, with many EQ presets, you can quickly change the sounds, adjust the volume, and then tun the sounds to different types of sound that you enjoy the most.

Apply movement to each layer
And if you wish to make your videos interesting, it is also possible for users to add some movement to their videos. Feel free to adjust the animation of each layer and change the way you view videos with these beautiful settings.

Post high quality videos and share your videos instantly
And lastly, after all that good editing and customization, you can easily send video in the highest quality 4K and 30FPS. This, surprisingly, is close to the standard quality of those high-quality videos edited using a PC. And once the videos are finished, you can easily share them on multiple social channels or online drives to show to your friends, such as YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, and more.


It’s free to use
Surprisingly, even though you have all those amazing things, the app is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. That being said, you can easily download the KineMaster Mod APK from Google Play Store without paying anything.

Unlock full features with our mod
However, since the app is still a freemium item, you will have to pay for something in-app purchases to use the full version. This can be a problem for many users. Therefore, you may want to check out our modified version of KineMaster, which includes a deleted watermark, advanced editing features, and more. All you need to do is download and install the KineMaster Mod APK from our website instead. Follow the instructions provided and start enjoying the best app.

Pro Features of KineMaster Mod APK

As we are providing the Pro version of this Apk, so it has a lot of extra and premium features. Here, We providing theKineMaster Pro Apk for FREE !!!. So, you should also know the premium features that you are getting with the Modded version. We mentioned below the premium features that you will get.

  • NO Watermark
  • All the Premium Features !!
  • 4K Video editing
  • All media formats are supported
  • NEW Features are unlocked
  • More premium filters and transitions
  • Export in any of quality – 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.

How To Install KineMaster Mod APK

Installation Process of KineMaster Pro Apk is really easy and simple, to install it just follows these few steps given below.

kinemaster mod apk
kinemaster mod apk

Before installing the apk, make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” to enable: ->Go to Settings -> Select security option -> Touch on it and enable “Unknown Source”

  • Now, open the KineMaster Mod Apk file
  • Then Click on “Install”.
  • Wait till the installation process is completed
  • After, installation is completed.
  • Now, Open KineMaster Mod Apk


Laggy on low phones
As it is an app that requires a processor, most low-end smartphones, especially those from years ago, will not be able to work properly. You will get a lot of lags, stutters, and catch up as you try to edit your difficult videos with the app. In these cases, it may be best to take videos with your phone and edit them on your PC.

Final Word

For those looking for an alternative to the reputable YouTube Premium, you will not find a better option than KineMaster Mod APK anytime soon. That being said, the video editor offers a variety of functional editing options that can completely change your in-app feel. Use the huge library of editing tools, useful options and features to effectively change the way your videos look and feel. But most importantly, feel free to access the full version of KineMaster on our website completely free of charge.

What's new

Feature Update

  • 1. Adds an option to download Premium assets and export videos containing Premium assets by watching ads
  • 2. Adds support for animated GIF files
  • 3. Adds speed control for video layers
  • New color adjustment tools: vibrance, temperature, highlights, shadows, gain, gamma, lift, and hue
  • Includes intensity slider for color filters
  • Introducing Share menu support for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Feeds
  • Slow videos down to 1/8 speed
  • Other bug fixes

Mod Changes

  • No Ads
  • Full Subscription Unlocked
  • All Assets Access
  • No Watermark
  • Premium Unlocked



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