Pocket Waifu Mod Apk 1.65.0 [unlimited Gems/diamonds] Download

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Overview information


Pocket Waifu






1.65.0 (Latest)



MOD Features

Unlocked All


Android 4.1

Pocket Waifu Mod Apk 1.65.0 [unlimited Gems/diamonds] Download

Pocket Waifu: Modern humans work too hard and participate in their own ideas. Therefore, sometimes in countries like Japan, many men find it difficult to date a woman. 


On the contrary. anime culture is so popular that many people like the character they love from the movie. More than that, people have decided to go to a wedding with the cartoon character they love.


This is because the game with female characters in anime always attracts the attention of men. Pocket Waifu is a sport that is supported by many.


It is one of those games that allows players to date famous idols in anime. In fact, many are NSFW (not safe for work). But it is clear that love continues because there is no scene that crosses borders and becomes a habit.


Natku also has its own home page. There he published many games with content for people over 18 years old. If you can enjoy these types of games, you can visit their home page and download the games you like. There are also games that can be played directly in the web browser. Pocket Waifu can sign up for a free account directly in a web browser. 


The good news for Android phone users is that the manufacturer has just revealed that it will launch the game on smart devices that use this operating system.


Pocket Waifu Mod Apk 1.65.0 [unlimited Gems/diamonds] Download

If you have fun playing the Talking Tom game, you will quickly become familiar with Pocket We. Basically, these two games use the same tantra action when you can be with beautiful girls.


You can date over ten beauties and they are fun. Due to the storm, each person has four indicators for you to maintain a balanced level each day. It is happiness, hunger, bath, and energy. First of all, each girl will need enough sleep to fill her energy bar. And that index will be used to work throughout the day. 


Most Apk


The remaining 3 activities always consume energy. Together with Anand, you can play minigames to please your beauties. You will also eat together with your lover. Finally, players can also bathe them. Let these girls always be beautiful and shine. Every day there will be challenges for you to get the prize. Also, you can decorate your home with lots of furniture.


Short Game


Currently, the game has 6 minigames and a touch of luck. These games give you the opportunity to give special gifts. With the coins you have earned, you can buy many gifts for your girlfriend. In particular, you can buy many different styles of gothic fashion or even a girl’s dress with an extremely hot swimsuit.


Also, you can decorate the interior of the house. To decorate the bathroom, living room, bedroom … Design a romantic living space that helps you and has more harmony.


Pocket Waifu Mod Apk 1.65.0 [unlimited Gems/diamonds] Download

The Graphics


The game has 2D graphics with many beautiful anime images. The female characters are drawn with a beautiful and warm appearance. Like some Nataku games, the game has some adult NSFW scenes, which you should consider before downloading.


Pocket Waifu Mod Apk Version

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Minigame Coins

  • Open garden

  • Unlock all ideas

  • Unlimited life in minigames

Please note when using MOD

  1. If you get a lot of coins, the game will not allow you to log in. So don’t be so greedy. If you want to buy something, run the coins you need.

  2. If you want to skip the minigame, you must press the X button and exit.


Download Pocket Waifu MOD APK for Android

Pocket Waifu Mod Apk 1.65.0 [unlimited Gems/diamonds] Download


In general, this is an ideal option if you love anime games. If you don’t have a girlfriend yet, the game will help you overcome the feeling of loneliness with beautiful girls. She has a lovely voice and always knows how to take care of you when you are sad.


There are many lessons in the treatment of women. You can download the version of Pocket Waifu Mod APK or the original version on your phone through the link below the article.


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